can you write a blurb about luke wearing a vibrating cock ring as a sub and beging mistress!you to fuck him? fuck it would be so hot

Luke was still in the new stages of submission, although he was getting better at holding off until I told him so. 

Tonight’s task was of his own suggestion—with a trip to the sex shop on our way home in tow with his blatant anticipation. 

"How long to I have to leave it on?"

His voice was thick with the already apparent indication of his arousal, his eyes shifting down to meet mine while I finished fixing the object on him. My fingers lingered around the base of his shaft, barely grazing him just to inlay a little tease before the main event. The low hum from the stimulator fixed on atop the rubber ring was the only sound in the room besides Luke’s occasional sighing. 

"Until I say so."

He leaned his head down, signalling for a kiss. I gave into his action, sighing onto his lips with a delayed reaction. His hands traveled mercilessly down to my waist as he moaned into my mouth, eager to  have his way with the intention of the erotic situation at play.

"It won’t be too long. And always remember the safe word."

He nodded and sat back, resting on his elbows while trying not to focus on how incredibly horny he was. His tip was slick with pre-come, the veins in his cock evident as he tensed his torso.

I thought I would raise the stakes a little higher by doing something out of the box—my steps in line to my drawer full of lace and other things made for times like these. 

"I suppose I should get ready for tonight too…"

I slowly striped down, making sure my backside was on display so that Luke had a fantastic view. I over-exaggerated the action of choosing a set to wear, ignoring his moans from the bed. 

I turned around the instant he sighed my name, meeting his gaze as I silently planned on continuing further. 

Fondling own own skin, I ran my hands up and down my own body—driving Luke to a frenzy as he struggled to abide by the rules we agreed on minutes before. 

He would never admit to his friends that he liked being a sub. He was very big about keeping his kinks and fetishes on the down low. Yet I enjoyed every second of seeing him like this. 

Straining, nearly aching for me, just because he worked himself up into more than just a bit of a tizzy.


He breathed out, gripping the sheets to keep from touching himself.

"Please what baby?"

I bit my lip, inching towards him with a solid eye. 

"Please touch me Mistress."

He whined the second I got close to him, arching his back. His forehead was misted with sweat—his eyes glazed over while I ran a finger up his torso. His hands remained at his sides, his hands red and his knuckles white as he moaned. 

I straddled him, drawing out the effort to tease him along the cusp of his finish. When I finally settled on his throbbing shaft, I took mental pictures of his expressions as he filled my sex. 

He was extremely vocal. The reverberations of his whimpers echoed though the room, our skin colliding in a messy rhythm with a direct speed.

The vibrations from the stimulator ran though his shaft, providing an extra sensation on my clit as I rode him. He bucked his hips up to mine—his fingers clawed into my backside as he came undone.

My name fell out of his mouth—his voice cracking out of pure satisfaction.

I caved soon after he did, riding out my high while Luke watched me above him. 

I fell off him soon after, tingling with the feeling of a post-orgasm high.

Luke was laid out next to me, completely wrecked out by what had just happened. 

"I imagined that would last a little longer, but I guess I liked it a lot more than I thought."

He turned to me, barely smiling as he spoke. He looked so calm and cool—his hair nearly suck to his forehead, sticking up in all directions. 

"We’ll just have to try again then, won’t we?"


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